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Maan Encinares of Nego Saka Hub Legaspi The mid-20s Ma. Antonette Encinares is a youth social entrepreneur of Legazpi City. She engages in various productive engagements with local entrepreneurs like herself. From running her uncle&rsq) . . . Read More

About Us

Vision: Local communities practicing fair and ethical trade

Mission: Mainstreaming fair and ethical trade in local communities through business development services

The suffering of rural and urban poor communities can be attributed to the exploitative nature of social relationships, unfair business practices and the lack of enabling environment that encourages a citizen to live with decency and liberty. The context of SMEs presents a microcosm of Philippine society:  there is power relationship between the entrepreneur and the workers; the trader and the entrepreneur; the trader and the customer.  All these stakeholders are part of a bigger context which includes government, the private sector and civil society.  Any form of exploitation in the relationship amongst these key stakeholders impacts the rest of the nation.  When local initiatives promote culture changes from the community level, the probability of success is higher than aspiring for our leaders to change corrupt practices.


In the years 2007 and 2008, informal meetings among like-minded development workers and consultants on issues surrounding poverty and marginalization in Western Visayas and Luzon gave birth to the setting up of the organization.  The concept of Fair & Ethical Trade became the standard in the conduct of business.  BDS packages that aim contribute towards creating an enabling environment for the practice of these core values.  Although services are developed to suit the requirements of customers, fair and ethical trade concepts and examples of best practices are integrated in each package.

In 2009, an Advisory Board was formed to provide guidance in the business operation.  The Owner, Ms. Regina Gaza assumed the role of Managing Director with one Project Development Associate helping  her in marketing and eight [8] on-call consultants providing BDS in the Visayas and Luzon.

Since its registration with the Department of Trade and Industry in October 2008, it has gained recognition among government, non-government organizations and the private sector.